Walking in Your Customers’ Shoes

Walking in Your Customers Shoes

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Communicating with your customer can be tough if you don’t know where to start talking to them. The best way to communicate with your customers is to put yourself in their shoes. How do you do this? You may be asking yourself. Lucky for you, there have been different ways that have been invented to identify the customer journey. And today, we will be going over the Customer Value Journey

Customer Value Journey

To best describe the customer value journey, think of a road map that goes through every step, from the beginning to the end. It goes from when the potential customer first is aware of your business and turning them to a loyal customer that promotes your business. When it comes to advertising, most businesses nowadays go straight to promoting a business instead of meeting the consumer where they are, leading to what one may call unsuccessful campaigns. 

In order to start mapping out your customer value journey.

It is important to understand what each step means, thus leading to more concentrated knowledge of your customer. Doing this helps you put yourself in your customer’s shoes and better communicate with them.

Walking In Your Customers’ Shoes
Walking in Your Customers' Shoes 5
Source: Digitalmarketer.com

What Are The 8-Steps of the Customer Value Journey?


In this first step, the consumer has no previous knowledge of you. If you were to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes, you would have no prior knowledge of the company other than stumbling across first-time ads. This is where you make consumers know that your product is a better solution to your problem- in other words: you are making the prospect aware that your product exists. In most cases, this is where the prospective sees an ad about your company on social media. Examples of how to reach your prospect in the awareness stage include: social media platforms as well as blogs. 


The second step of the customer value journey is the “Engaged Stage.” This is where- as some people have described it as turning a glance into a stare. This is where your goal as a company is to provide content that is both entertaining and informative. The goal in this stage is to catch the attention of the prospects that provide value for them. The content has to be about what the prospect finds value in. You are not directly talking about your product or service just yet. 

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The third step of the customer value journey is the subscribe stage. The main goal for this stage is to provide a chunk of valuable content to offer the prospect in exchange for their contact information. This is where you create what is called a lead magnet such as gated video, templates, or a PDF guide that provides so much value that prospects are willing to give you their information. This is where you offer the prospect a specific promise where they are more than willing to give you their information. 


The fourth step of the customer value journey is the convert stage. This is arguably the most important step, where you are getting a micro commitment from the prospect. This micro commitment can either be time or money from the prospect. This is where you deliver an entry-point offer that solves a very specific problem that the prospect faces. 


The fifth step of the customer value journey is the exciting stage. This is where you solidify why the prospect has an “ah-ha” moment with your company. This is where the prospect realizes that they must have your product or service. How do you do this? By indoctrinating your prospect through a way that will best suit your customer. 


The sixth stage of the customer value journey is the “Ascend” stage. This stage is where most companies start with their marketing. Here is where the goal is to have the customer generate repeat buys. The goal is to generate profits. This is where you best serve your customers so that they keep coming back for more.  


The seventh stage of the customer value journey is the advocate stage. This is where you ask your customer to share their positive experience with your brand either by writing a review or posting it on their social media. 


The last step of this journey is the promotion stage. This is where your customer becomes an active promoter of your brand. They are so satisfied with your brand that they are willing to share their positive reviews with anyone they meet.

Customer Value Journey
Walking in Your Customers' Shoes 6

This 8 step Customer Value Journey is critical to you and your business.

Understanding how strangers become friends, then become buyers and raving fans is essential.

If we can document it, we can systemize it and make it predictable & profitable for YOU.

You might not even be aware that there’s holes in your Customer Value Journey right now.

These leaks are like a leaky bucket. The more water you try to retain, the more water spills all over the floor — and you miss out! From leaky and inefficient lead generation to lost sales and low referrals. Learn how to start your journey here.

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