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Fractional Marketing Team For The Direct Sales Industry

Our Story

NexLaunch was officially founded in 2019 by Chris Ojeda, we say officially because Chris had been implementing and immersing himself in Digital Marketing way before that. The name was born at a Jeff Walker conference, where he had a challenge to launch an idea that would serve customers in the best way possible. Chris bought the domain and launched a website, but never really created an official brand around it. In 2019, he made it official and then realized that the brand had always been what he had done in the past: over deliver and create immense value for customers and leaders.

For every year since then, we’ve dealt with challenges and changes in digital marketing trends requiring us to evolve, improve and grow. We’ve created an amazing team that continuously delivers high end results to optimize what is learned and giving our customers in the Direct Selling industry amazing results.

We Are NexLaunch

With over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, direct selling, and systems, we have built assets that have transformed online businesses and helped launch brands around the world. We’ve steamed live events in over 140 countries with 20 simultaneous translations that reached millions… and we’re just getting started!

Our Mission

We believe we can empower The Direct Sales Industry by simplifying and supporting their digital marketing journey. Delivering marketing systems that takes customers beyond a simple purchase.

Our Purpose

Empower & simplify life through digital transformation.

We are NexLaunch - Digital Marketing Partners

Meet Your New Fractional Marketing Team

In this short video, you’ll learn about NexLaunch, a full-service marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses achieve their marketing goals. With a team of talented and experienced professionals, we offer a wide range of services, including content creation, social media management, advertising, email marketing, boosting your production with our Fractional Marketing Team service and much more.

What we do

We are an extension of your marketing team. We support and take the guesswork and secrets out of digital marketing to help create rapid business growth for The Direct Sales Industry. Whether you’re a Startup or Enterprise Direct Selling Company, we can help you produce effective digital marketing assets that drive more traffic, sales, and profit for your business. Even more compellingly, our advice’s efficacy is proven through our hands-on application both for our own endeavors and numerous satisfied clients.

Why We Do It

Just like in Network Marketing, we are on a path to helping as many businesses as possible by empowering Direct Sales Companies and their teams, and help them reach more people so that they can add massive value and transform lives. That’s the reason we only work with companies that are on a mission, just like we are. Marketing is the most exciting, challenging, fascinating, and rewarding way to have this impact in the world.

Delivering Value is Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We aren’t your typical digital marketing firm. We can become your growth partner, to transform your brand and set you on the path to success. We stand by our service 100%. Our #1 priority is your satisfaction.

Our Track Record

We have worked with some amazing brands

we love them

What Our Clients Have To Say​

I cannot speak highly enough about the incredible work done by NexLaunch. Before they came on board, our tracking issues were a mess, and the ad accounts were not setup correctly. But they didn’t just fix our problems – they exceeded our expectations in every way possible. Their team of experts worked directly with us, created content that resonated with our audience and drove traffic like we’d never seen before. And the best part? Our ROI skyrocketed! They were incredibly professional and efficient, and I truly believe our digital marketing efforts wouldn’t be where they are today without their help.

Bonnie Schroader Kyani

Bonnie Schroader
Director of Digital & E-Commerce

Chris was a phenomenal producer for both virtual and in-person live events. From leading rehearsals, show-calling, content management, he was integral to the success of our 150+ virtual events annually, and our largest conference of the year. He also is an expert in stream management, recording, and social media live streaming. We would not have been able to execute our aggressive pandemic virtual event strategy without Chris and the NexLaunch team.

Katie Jones - Director of Global Events Jeunesse

Katie Jones

The NexLaunch team is our strategic ally in the areas of streaming, and audiovisual production for hybrid, virtual and face-to-face events. The professionalism and excellence of their service helped us meet the objectives of each project in Latin America.

Cathy Rubiano

Cathy Rubiano

Chris Ojeda’s (NexLaunch) Digital Marketing & Streaming skills helped us achieve great results in our multilingual European and Middle Eastern markets. His talent and multitasking ability really made a difference in our region’s growth level. I was impressed by his willingness to help and ability to handle any situation calmly and professionally, even in the most stressful situations. I fully recommend Chris, knowing that any organization would be lucky to have him as Digital Marketing expert.

Sandra Cavaqueira

Sandra Cavaqueira

NexLaunch is the best web design company I’ve ever worked with! They were fast, reliable and extremely kind. Every time I had a question they responded right away with great explanations. The final product was more than I could have asked for. Thank you NexLaunch!

Kami Schaefer

Kami Schaefer

Chris Ojeda and the entire NexLaunch team brought our event marketing and broadcasting to a whole new level. Prior to our partnership with Chris, we were drowning in a sea of unopened mass emails – we simply weren’t reaching our field effectively. Chris helped us revolutionize how we communicate with our attendees by integrating our communications with our mobile app, and managing a robust event-focused website. Now, our attendees know exactly where to go to find what they need, and our customer support calls about event-related issues have drastically decreased. I highly recommend NexLaunch for your digital communication strategy for events, and otherwise.

Katie Jones - Director of Global Events Jeunesse

Katie Jones

I got to know Chris Ojeda’s work when I was leading the marketing and sales department in Brazil. Digital events played an important role in the retention and acquisition of new distributors and customers. Chris Ojeda and his team were meticulous in strategizing digital journeys to delight customers and turn that into results. The partnership made us rank as the second highest grossing country in the company, behind China and ahead of the United States.

Paloma Vale

Paloma Vale
Head of Marketing, Sales, Digital Transformation

We have grown our engagement like crazy and now have over 280,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram is now part of our strategy. Our content keeps getting better and they have helped us take our business to the next level.

I Am One Mind

I Am One Mind

While directing the digital area and communication for 12 Latin American countries, Chris Ojeda was the person who supported us in all processes and executions, both in the global broadcast of events and in all issues related to Social Networks and Digital Strategy and its integration of Latam with global markets both in Europe and America in general. The impact that we achieved thanks to his work reached more than one million people on whom we managed to impact the world in less than 24 hours. (Was part of the team that went from $250M (2013) to $1.46B (2018)).

Ruben Garcia

Ruben Garcia
Digital Strategy For LATAM Markets

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