Case Study

How NexLaunch Generated Leads for Total Life Changes Using Paid Traffic & Trained Their Internal Marketing Team

NexLaunch Marketing Partnered With Total Life Changes, A Direct Sales Company Committed To Changing People’s Lives Across The World.

The Brief

NexLaunch partnered with Total Life Changes, a global company committed to changing people’s lives across the world. In addition to supporting digestive balance, weight control, nutrition, and wellness, Total Life Changes products are made with the highest quality ingredients.

Our strategy included funnel page creation, paid traffic using Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, chatbot creation, and multilingual campaigns.

Brief Case Study Total Life Changes


As part of our digital marketing strategy, we developed a customer value journey starter pack that outlined who TLC’s ideal customer was. Based on the avatar's fears, goals, and motivations, we narrowed down our options and created different campaigns for each step along the journey.

TLC Makes a Splash

The goal was to improve conversion costs and reach even more customers. We created a variety of audiences at scale across multiple platforms. This would allow us to seed them and test our creative quickly to find winners and be able to optimize and scale. Each audience responded differently to different copy angles and sample campaigns, which allowed us to sprout winners and increase our budget based on working data.

Leveraging The POWER
of AI

With ManyChat for Facebook & Instagram we increased traffic to the right places. Returning or new customers can interact in different languages, ask questions, learn more about TLC, and purchase a sample by following the chatbot prompts. Customers can get help 24/7, offering instant assistance with the use of AI-powered chatbots that get better with every customer interaction.

Product Sample Campaigns

We developed sample campaigns to encourage users to try the products. This would give them the comfort of trying it out before fully committing. After the sample purchase, the customer would go into a follow up campaign that would upsell them into the full month supply of the product, while also educating them about the business opportunity. If the customer was interested in the business opportunity the TLC team would jump in to help.

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The Outcome

We Helped Generate Thousands of Leads for TLC’s Program at a Great Cost

Avg. $5 Per Sample Lead

Facebook Ads

CTR 3%-6%

Google Ads

Avg. $8.7 Per Full Product Sale

Google & Facebook Ads

Digital Marketer in
House Training

As a part of the Digital Marketer Certified Family, we worked along with TLC’s internal Marketing Team to achieve their Digital Marketing Goals. Besides implementing all the above strategies, we were able to share our knowledge, train them and show them best practices.

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