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NexLaunch provides professional video production and live streaming services specifically for businesses looking to host live streaming events like conferences, product launches, and webinars.

Reduced costs mean increased revenues. The time and money saved allow you to spend more time and resources growing your brand and promoting your products.

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Benefits of Live Stream Production

Reduce Events Costs

Reduce Events Costs

Through live streaming and webcasting, you can downsize your corporate events and restrict them to only those who are absolutely necessary. Live streamed corporate events also eliminates extra costs like plane tickets, car rentals, hotels, food, and insurance.

Reach a Larger Audience, Engage & interact in real-time

Reach Larger Audiences & Interact In Real-Time

Engage more attendees, expand your reach, and interact your audience with live streaming. Live streaming your event allows long-distance audience members to connect with your brand in real time without traveling or acruing extra costs.

High-Quality Streams

High-Quality Streams

Live broadcasting isn’t just restricted to live video and audio streaming services. You have the flexibility to use a variety of forms of video content and multimedia, including pictures, text, and live chat.

Live streams recorded for future use

Live streams recorded for future use

After the live stream has been recorded and uploaded, can easily be transformed into other types of content, like published video transcripts on your personal blog or reproduced video on YouTube. Your choices are limitless!

Elevate The Production Value Of A Live Event, Stream Or Webinar And Give It A Unique Look With The Help Of Our Specialized Team.

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