Case Study

How NexLaunch Partnered with Kyäni To Generate Leads & Sales For Their Business.

NexLaunch Became Kyäni’s Digital Marketing & Traffic Team Extension To Help Them Grow Their Direct Sales Company Leads & Sales Online.

The Project Scope

The Kyäni team had a goal to generate customers outside of their current business model that would generate sales and potential leads for their field. 

The Challenge was their current advertising account ecosystem setup and tracking, as well as their previous agency partner. Most of their accounts were set up incorrectly under employees not the business, and were tracking double purchases. The previous agency would spend more, with the same or less results to charge a % of the ad spend. Kyäni was also about to migrate to a new shopping cart.

The Solution

Partnering with NexLaunch would mean a flat retainer to reach their goals. We fixed the ecosystem by setting up the correct business accounts and troubleshooting the triggers to measure purchases correctly. Our team worked closely with theirs and successfully migrated all our campaigns to their new shopping cart. NexLaunch worked with the internal Marketing team to create campaigns for new and existing products, producing amazing results as we optimized and scaled campaigns successfully.

The Results




Nov 2022

Facebook Google Ads Instagram Pinterest


The NexLaunch Creative Team produced quality campaigns to drive traffic to their promos, product launches and more.

The Outcome

We successfully optimized and scaled multiple advertising platforms.

Conversion Rate


Cost Per Conversion



41.1 K


4.6 M

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Our Creative Team Produced High Quality Content That Represented The Kyäni Brand. 

Digital Marketer in
House Training

As a proud member of the Digital Marketer Certified Family, our partnership with Kyäni has brought about a remarkable transformation. With invaluable insights and cutting-edge strategies, we’ve elevated the quality of Kyäni’s content and precisely targeted the right audience, resulting in extraordinary outcomes. Notably, we’ve achieved a substantial increase in leads, sales, and return on investment (ROI). These results underscore the power of collaboration and expertise.

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