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Social Media Managers for Network Marketing Brands Should be using Manychat Automation

If you’re trying to set up an Instagram account for your business, you may notice a need to change how you’re going about doing so as you grow larger. Starting out, connecting with your audience is no...

How to Use UTM Parameters to Track Social Media Success

If you’re a direct seller, you’re constantly looking for ways to drive traffic to your websites. After all, if you want customers to buy directly from you, you need those customers to actually go to...

Introducing Fintech Digital by NexLaunch

Ever since our founding in 2019, we here at NexLaunch have been working to empower business owners and entrepreneurs alike to grow their brands. We’ve grown with our clients and broadened our horizons...

Leverage These Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools To Increase Engagement & Reach

Trendy AI Projects Explained AI is a hot-button topic nowadays, and for a good reason: there’s a lot going on in the AI field, and trends are constantly changing. Whether you’re a CMO, CEO, Marketer...

The Role of Content in a Successful Marketing Strategy

Content is a fundamental part of marketing and converting supporters into customers. A successful marketing strategy will implement informative and valuable content, meant to interest potential...

Why Customer-Centricity in Direct Selling is Important

In the direct selling industry, companies often focus on distributor satisfaction and loyalty. After all, your distributors are the people out on the field selling your products, so ensuring they have...

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