Leverage These Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools To Increase Engagement & Reach

Leverage These Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools

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Trendy AI Projects Explained

AI is a hot-button topic nowadays, and for a good reason: there’s a lot going on in the AI field, and trends are constantly changing. Whether you’re a CMO, CEO, Marketer, or just someone interested in seeing how AI is developing, understanding current AI trends can be hugely helpful.

Why is AI Blowing Up?

Machine learning has loomed on the human consciousness for decades now, and it’s finally beginning to take off. You may find yourself asking, “Why is AI blowing up all of a sudden?” Well, the answer is a little complicated.

AI has actually been building up for years in the background. Between Alphabet (Google’s parent company) AI projects and the automation of processes in banking and data industries, AI has been rising in popularity, complexity, and viability for decades now. The massive spike in AI popularity (and infamy) in the last few years is primarily due to visibility.

AI start-ups are expanding. Companies are pushing for AI in newer, broader fields, such as marketing and copywriting and looking for public feedback. A wide array of people are getting their hands on new AI projects like ChatGPT and taking to the Internet to share their opinions, experiences, and ideas.

Why is AI Blowing Up?
Leverage These Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools To Increase Engagement & Reach 6

How is AI Useful in Digital Marketing?

AI can be incredibly helpful for digital marketing and direct selling online. The key benefit is automation. AI allows you to create rough drafts and outlines of marketing campaigns and social media posts with as little input as a prompt and a click. 

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AI can help you with captions, marketing blurbs, and project descriptions, and provide you with easy foundations and ideas to then be developed by your marketing team.


Perhaps the most popular AI at the moment, ChatGPT is a conversational language AI designed to converse, answer questions, and learn from what is said. Designed by Open AI, ChatGPT is a great option for drumming up ideas, getting critical feedback on digital marketing campaigns, and even testing out social media reception in a strange, not-quite-focus group sort of way.


Copy.ai is the premier copywriting AI on the market at the moment. If your marketing and content writing teams are swamped, Copy.ai is a great option to create briefs, social media captions, and article/blog first drafts within minutes, all of which can be edited and revised easily by your writing team.


Buildai.space is a bit of a unique case, especially compared to the first two AI: it builds web apps designed around deriving outputs from certain inputs in a text-based fashion. This can be useful if you want to have a web app that funnels information between different marketing campaigns, or maybe get a web app built that helps guide your digital marketing campaigns by allowing you to input your desired content and receive a foundational idea for that content.

How is AI Useful in Digital Marketing?
Leverage These Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools To Increase Engagement & Reach 7


Kartiv.com isn’t actually live yet, but it will revolutionize digital marketing when it launches. Kartiv will allow you to input image prompts and have creative designs spawned right in front of your eyes. This can be a great way to generate marketing concept art, to create key visuals for new marketing campaigns, or maybe even determine the aesthetic of your digital marketing agency. 

Kartiv’s launch date is currently up in the air, but its developers keep their site updated often.


Otter.ai is the foremost automated personal assistant on the market right now, and you can try it for free! Otter.ai is designed to track meetings, keep time, write down notes, manage slides, and much, much more. You can connect it to your Google and your Teams and whatever other digital meeting platforms you and your company employ, and it will help derive key takeaways, record meetings, and keep everyone on the same page.


Axiom.ai is a catch-all workhorse AI. Setting up Axiom is as simple as downloading a Chrome extension, and from there you can set up bots, automate data entry, and much more. Axiom is built to help automate your browser as much as possible. When used in tandem with other AI, Axiom can help keep everything “under the hood” of your business running smoothly and seamlessly. Axiom won’t do all the creative things some other AI will do, like ChatGPT, it is a currently unparalleled workhorse AI.

If you want to know how to utilize more of these tools to grow your online brand, contact us. We are constantly optimizing the way we use these tools to make digital marketing easier and increase your ROI. 

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AI is improving personalization, automation and decision making in marketing. From content creation to audience segmentation, AI is changing the way we do business. Are you ready to take full advantage of the new possibilities AI offers in marketing?

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