How NexLaunch’s Fractional Marketing Team is Helping Direct Sales Companies

How NexLaunch’s Fractional Marketing Team is Helping Direct Sales Companies

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In today’s economic downturn there’s a lot of movement in our industry. You hear about the mergers and acquisitions that affect people and teams in many ways. This includes having to wear multiple hats to reduce costs and hopefully not burn out your team. The remaining team has a lot of spinning plates and that’s not only the marketing team; everyone. 

Your company, and all of the employees therein, are directly responsible for direct interactions with your customers. In this, you may find yourself stretched thin on marketing; with such large customer-facing departments to maintain, establishing a full-time and fully-staffed marketing department can be quite a monolithic task.

If you’re a CMO, you might be looking for outsourcing opportunities to help with your marketing needs. But there are plenty of concerns that can arise with outsourcing. How will you have quality assurance in your marketing efforts? Will you be able to communicate freely with this outsourced marketing team, or will you just send them money and your needs and hope for the best?

Enter: NexLaunch’s Fractional Marketing Team. Our team will work directly with you to ensure that your marketing needs are met and even exceeded. But you’re probably asking yourself: what’s fractional marketing, and how can I trust fractional marketing teams? Fear not; we have all the answers you need including the experience in Direct Sales. 

How NexLaunch’s Fractional Marketing Team is Helping Direct Sales Companies

What is Fractional Marketing?

Well, fractional marketing is largely informed by its name: fractional marketing means to handle a fraction of your marketing department’s needs. Essentially, you hand a part of your marketing needs, campaigns, designs, videos or post quotas off to an outsourced expert or team of experts, and they handle those responsibilities.

Oftentimes, fractional marketing takes one of two forms: you either outsource most of your marketing needs to an entire team of experts to reduce strain on and help teach your marketing department how best to move forward in their digital marketing pursuits (AKA, what we do), or you hire a single Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to guide your existing marketing department as an experienced leader.

We’re a complete fractional marketing team. We are here to become the extension to your current marketing team and make sure you are successful. Fractional marketing is there to shore up your weaknesses and help you plan your digital marketing future to grow. 

Extension of Your Marketing Team

First, we are there to function as an extension of your existing marketing team. We want to help you, so we work directly with your existing marketing staff to shoulder some of their burdens and allow them to focus on their role while we support them along the way. 

What is Fractional Marketing?

Team of Experts

Second, depending on your needs we guarantee a fully-staffed team of marketing experts. We have graphic designers, video editors, web developers, social media strategists, and media buyers on our team. All of which have experience in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales space. Our marketing project managers work with you to understand your goals, then we assign our team the tasks and make sure we deliver it on time.

All of our team members have been certified by Digital Marketer and as a culture we love to keep learning, so we stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices through events and other learning opportunities. Our current team has been trained by a Tony Robbins Results Coach and we continue to grow every day. 

Dedication and Attention

Third, we guarantee dedicated service and attention to your marketing needs. We start by analyzing your customer value journey and understanding your assets, as well as your current avatar. We can help you with your digital marketing strategy to drive more traffic and create more business awareness.

In the social world, we set up your social media platforms to make sure your ecosystem is working together to maximize reach and engagement. We love to build out product campaigns to drive leads and sales. We aren’t a typical marketing agency, so we’re not hunting billing hours, we are driving for results. Once you’ve hired us, we will work directly with your company to the best of our collective abilities.

Our Goal is to Help You

Our goal is to ensure that you get everything you need from our Fractional Marketing Team in a cost- and time-efficient manner. We love to resolve problems and make the digital marketing world easy for you to show results. 

What is Fractional Marketing?


Hiring a Fractional Marketing Team can help you optimize the cash flow of your marketing department. We’re cost-efficient and contractual, so you can get a gig you can afford for the work you need done, rather than hiring an entire team to keep in-house.

Constant and Involved Communication

We want to work with you and your marketing team, learn about your company and your marketing needs, and work collaboratively to create a sustainable marketing environment in your business. 

Contact Us Today

If you’ve decided you want a team of marketing professionals to work hands-on with your team and give you the best marketing possible, head to our NexLaunch Contact Page. Our Fractional Marketing Team is always looking for new businesses to help and marketing strategies to launch, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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