Five Digital Marketing Trends You Should Be Watching in 2022

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There are a lot of headlines on the internet touting digital marketing as “the future of marketing,” but the truth is that digital marketing trends channels have been dominating for years. 

The digital space currently holds some of the most valuable opportunities for marketers due to its adaptable nature and overwhelming popularity among consumers. Over two billion people worldwide engaged in some form of online shopping in 2021—that’s a digital audience of over a quarter of the world’s population. Keeping pace with digital marketing trends is essential for brands that want to reach this audience and improve their online lead generation. 

Here are some emerging trends to keep in mind as you plan and implement your digital marketing strategy for 2022:

Digital Marketing Trends

Brand Identity

There is so much digital marketing content competing for consumers’ attention that even the best content often gets lost in the noise. Preventing this from happening to your content is a matter of cementing your brand identity. Clearly and authentically expressing your brand’s values tells consumers why they should care more about your brand than the other brands pushing similar content.

However, be careful not to make your digital marketing campaign all about you—you should go beyond communicating your brand’s identity and also tell consumers what your brand can do for them. What product or service is your brand providing? What problems do you solve for customers? Your digital marketing content should communicate both your brand’s identity and its value to consumers.


Consumers are holding brands to higher standards of diversity and equality than ever before. What is currently needed is for brands to approach these topics with a willingness to learn about the various identities that comprise their target markets. 

But rather than reduce your target market to a list of predefined characteristics, strive to understand and speak to the unique blend of experiences within your customer base. People can’t be wholly described by a single attribute, and they won’t feel a connection to your brand if they see themselves represented in a one-dimensional manner.

Take time to learn about the unique intersectional identities within your target market. The results of that research should influence your digital marketing style in 2022, including the kind of language you use and the experiences that are represented in your marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing Trends You Should Be Watching In 2022


More than ever, consumers are giving their business to brands that align with their values in general. Just as many consumers look to brands to set an example on the diversity and inclusion front, they also expect brands to play a part in environmental sustainability. 

Consumers identify with brands that care about the same issues they do. Right now, sustainability is what’s on many consumers’ minds. Making commitments to sustainability and communicating those commitments to consumers in your digital marketing messages should be a priority in 2022. You could communicate your brand’s shared interest in sustainability by switching to greener production methods or partnering with a nonprofit, for example.


Privacy has always been one of the primary issues in the realm of digital marketing. With Google set to end its support of 3rd party cookies in 2023, now is a good time to review how your digital marketing strategy approaches consumer privacy measures. 

While data collection is necessary for brands to understand their market and offer relevant experiences to their customers, it is a practice that makes many consumers nervous, and rightfully so. 

Data breaches are a real threat, and it is the responsibility of every brand to ensure that the data it collects from customers is secure. Consumers tend to buy from brands they trust, and in the digital age, one of the best ways to foster trust is to show your customers that you care about their privacy and take significant measures to protect it. 

Digital Marketing Trends


Story-driven content is known for holding consumers’ attention and getting them emotionally invested in a brand—but the explosion of digital marketing channels, both in terms of availability and popularity, has quickly pushed storytelling from an effective technique to an essential one.

Using storytelling to engage consumers is not a new marketing tactic, but it is being implemented by more and more brands due to its natural compatibility with digital mediums. 

Video marketing, social media, and other digital channels have introduced new ways for marketers to utilize storytelling in creative ways. With Gen Z on track to overtake millennials as the leading consumer group in the United States by 2026, digital storytelling is poised to become more impactful than ever.

Digital Marketing in 2022 and Beyond

Perhaps there is some truth to the claim that digital marketing is “the future of marketing.” Digital marketing trends may already be in full swing, but they certainly aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. One of the keys to successful lead generation in the era of digital marketing is to pay close attention to which trends are on the horizon.

If you want help optimizing your marketing strategy for digital mediums, check out our lead generation service. Our team of digital marketing strategy experts is eager to assist you with digital marketing strategy and lead generation.

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