The Small Business Guide to SEO

Boost Your Marketing With SEO

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When you’re starting any business, one of the first things you’ll need is exposure. You need to have a way to reach new customers, and — with the rise of the internet — one of the best ways to expand your reach is through search engine optimization. This is also known as SEO, and it’s one of the best ways for business owners to take full advantage of their website.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a process by which businesses carefully mix relevant keywords, backlinks, and tags into their content. As search engines crawl your website, they’ll pick up on these terms and rank your content accordingly.

Now, it’s important to note that you can’t just sprinkle in some keywords at random. You need to have relevant content, and your tags need to make sense in context. Otherwise, your content will actually be ranked as less important than your competitors.

The Smal Business Guide To SEO

How Does SEO Work?

When you’re creating a new page or blog post, search engines will “crawl” the page. This means that they will dispatch a bot to read your content and determine its relevance and authority.

Each search engine has different criteria, but the most popular choice is Google. This means that you’ll want to appeal to Google’s algorithms if you want to maximize your lead generation potential.

How Do I Use SEO?

If you want to start adding some SEO to your website, then there are a few things you’ll want to know first. You’ll want to follow a few steps to ensure your content’s analyzed data remains relevant.

Keyword Research

Like marketing trends, keywords change over time. This is why you’ll want to start with keyword research. Depending on what your business is selling, you’ll need to find different terms to make sure you’re reaching the most relevant audience.

Direct selling brands will want to hone in on difficult keywords, which other websites don’t include in their text. This will help your content rise in relevance on search engines, pushing its way to the top of the results.

Create Quality Content

However, you want to make sure that your content is well-written.

Double and triple-check your copy before you push anything out!

This is about more than just catching typos, it’s also about appearances. While a few typos won’t hurt your SEO score, they will impact your business’s overall professionalism.

Have an Optimized Website

You’ll also want your website to have properly structured content.

This means that you’ll need to utilize a mix of headers, images, and text. You’ll also want to include image descriptions and accessibility features. This is a courtesy for your customers, but it also improves your digital marketing potential by boosting your SEO score.

This does not mean to pack your image descriptions and alt text with irrelevant information. Remember to keep everything relevant and honest. Otherwise, you’re creating a hostile website, which does not accommodate everyone’s needs.

Include Different Content

In addition to having these key website design features, you should also consider including different types of content. This adds to your credibility and creates a more interactive experience for your visitors.

Some forms of multimedia content to include on your site include:

  • Images with appropriate descriptions
  • Live streams
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

Collaborate With Others

To further boost your SEO score, you’ll want to have plenty of backlinks. This means that you’ll want to have sources outside of your website linking to your page.

To do this, you’ll have to get creative. Find partners within your target audience’s scope and collaborate with them! They’ll be able to feature articles about your direct selling brand, and you can feature links to their website. This mutually beneficial relationship will give both you and your partner a huge boost.

At the same time, you’ll want to create some outbound links to valid sources. Doing this tells Google that you’re taking the time to do your research. As such, the search engine will rank your content as more authoritative.

What Is SEO

Other SEO Tips and Tricks

Aside from improving your content and website structure, there are a few smaller ways to boost your business’ website.

Make Sure Your Site Is Secure

To ensure every user is safe, Google has started to penalize websites that have not migrated to SSL.

Migrating your website to this newer standard may take some time, and you’ll have to consult with your website development team to make sure the process goes smoothly. However, once you’ve completed the necessary steps, your website will gain plenty of authority.

Keep Users Engaged

Using multimedia content is about more than just providing a better experience for customers. It also keeps them engaged on your website, which means that your bounce rate will be lower, thereby raising your SEO score.

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Boost Your Marketing With SEO

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