Ruben Garcia

While directing the digital area and communication for 12 Latin American countries, Chris Ojeda was the person who supported us in all processes and executions, both in the global broadcast of events and in all issues related to Social Networks and Digital Strategy and its integration of Latam with global markets both in Europe and America in general.

The impact that we achieved thanks to his work reached more than one million people on whom we managed to impact the world in less than 24 hours. (Was part of the team that went from $250M (2013) to $1.46B (2018)

Ness Zertú

They generated an ATM for my business by automating simple online business functions that we had no idea could be done. After helping us reorganize our in-house operations, now we are running 3 core sub-niches and my social media team is certified by Digital Marketer Partners.

First Moverme

4 server migrations over 3 continents, 2 checkout system integrations, 2 storefronts and 1 product launch in less than 6 months, what else can I say, I feel confident we can handle more than #7figures per week with this setup.


NexLaunch knows what they are doing when it comes to technology and digital marketing. We launched a working system by doing a Ferrari giveaway online and they planned the launch perfectly.


From a technical standpoint Chris and his team did a great job helping us manage social campaigns for our events, broadcast video calls and automate webinars. They gave us the edge we needed to get ANMP going at the start.

Your Perfect Sales Funnel

We are partners in multiple ventures and their traffic and advertising strategies have made some clients very happy. We usually work together to launch products and create funnel automation. Your Perfect Sales Funnel would not be complete without NexLaunch.

I Am One Mind

We have grown our engagement like crazy and now have over 280,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram is now part of our strategy. Our content keeps getting better and they have helped us take our business to the next level.