“Most Successful Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Map Out their Customer Value Journey - Use This Simple Tool To Grow Your Business”

Why Map The Customer Value Journey

Building a great relationship with a customer isn’t a “one-and-done” deal. Like every relationship, pacing matters. If you move too fast in dating or skip those super important first steps, you might come off as, well, creepy!

If you follow the right steps and make sure to not rush ahead or take things too slow, you can create a loving, lifelong relationship. 

In business and selling, if you move too fast (or skip too many steps) you might turn off your prospects forever...what a waste of time, energy, and money! Plus, that prospect is never going to recommend you to their friends or contacts. 

Get the sequence right, and your prospect could grow into your biggest, raving fan and advocate, delivering you windfalls of cash for years to come!

The Customer Value Journey is the exact sequence of moves your customers make as they grow from an absolute stranger to a prospect, a customer, and eventually to an advocate and promoter.

Map Customer Value Journey
Keys Customer Value Journey

The Journey Begins

The Keys To Understanding Success

The 8-step Customer Value Journey is a critical roadmap for you and your business.

Understanding how strangers become friends, then become buyers and raving fans is essential.

If we can document it, we can systemize it, and make it predictable and profitable for you.

Without mapping, you might not even realize that your current Customer Value Journey has holes. These leaks are like a leaky bucket. The more water you try to retain, the more water spills all over the floor. Leaky and inefficient lead generation leads to lost sales and low referrals.

Want to Transform Ice Cold Prospects into Leads, Sales, Advocates, and Promoters? Using the Customer Value Journey as a Tool will Give Your Business a Radical Boost!

By not using the Customer Value Journey to track prospects for your business, you're leaving a lot of money on the table. The Customer Value Journey helps your business grow the fast way, the successful way, and the sustainable way.

What Are The 8-Steps?



Before someone can buy from you, they have to realize you exist—right?


Start to develop a relationship with your prospect.


Get permission to follow up with your prospects.


They like you and begin to trust you — now they’re ready for a small investment of time or money.


Return the favor with a small investment of time or money — increase excitement to develop more goodwill & trust.


Make additional offers to begin a long (and profitable) customer relationship.


Encourage your most loyal customers to advocate for your business.


Work with advocates to become promoters actively seeking to spread the word about your business.

The Fastest, Most Profitable, Most Sustainable Way To Grow Your Business -- The Customer Value Journey Fits The Bill -- ESPECIALLY If You’ve Tried It All Before & Nothing Worked!

So let's get down to it.

Let's talk about what we can do to grow your business using the Customer Value Journey. You’ll document your business and then create the Customer Value Journey to create a predictable and profitable map to success.

We are about to intentionally and predictably Transform your Ice Cold Prospects into Leads, Sales, Advocates, and Promoters of your brand or business.

What Am I Getting?

Customized Customer Value Journey Map

A deep dive into your business to identify any leaks in your Customer Value Journey. 

$1,000 Value

Before & After Analysis

Identify what your prospect’s current status is and what their ideal after looks like.

$500 Value

Customer Avatar Profiling

Analyze thoroughly, understand, and connect with your ideal customer. We'll help you identify exactly who your customer is. 

$500 Value

2-Page Marketing Plan

Once your business leaks are identified, this plan will be your guide to plugging future leaks in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

$1,000 Value

Say "YES!" Now to Plugging The Holes In Your Customer Value Journey That Could Be Costing Your Business TENS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS!

$3,000 Value -- Only $997

$3,000 Value --

 Only $997

Guarantee Customer Value Journey

Do You Have a Guarantee?

Of course! 

But before you make your decision to get started, we’ll share how it works.

We are about to invest a lot of time together as we get a full understanding of your current Customer Value Journey, and then systemize it to make it predictable and profitable.  We are going to plug any holes in your Customer Value Journey that could be costing your business, or preventing you from experiencing real, sustainable growth. 

By the time we have our Discovery Session, we will both have a good feeling about whether or not we're a good fit for each other.

If you think we aren't a good fit after the Discovery Session, we'll promptly return the investment you're about to make, no questions asked.


Here's The Fine Print ...

The Customer Value Journey is the kind of tool the most successful business owners and entrepreneurs use to grow their business – and we want your business to be one of them.

We cannot guarantee an ROI, however, we can guarantee this: If you do not have a complete, optimized, predictable, and profitable Customer Value Journey, it could be costing your business tens of thousands of dollars, and you won't ever know unless you take action today.

Fine Print Customer Value Journey
Customer Value Journey

Say "YES!" Now to Plugging The Holes In Your Customer Value Journey That Could Be Costing Your Business TENS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS!

$3,000 Value -- Only $997

$3,000 Value --

 Only $997

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