Case Study

Elevating Virtual Events within Zoom

Engaging audiences around the world with interactive experiences

The Challenge

NexLaunch encountered the challenge of bringing together traditional and new event formats to meet the demands of a global audience. With the goal of fostering meaningful engagement and maximizing reach, our team embarked on a mission to improve virtual event production within a tight timeframe, incorporating Multilingual Streaming.

Harnessing its expertise in event production and digital innovation, NexLaunch collaborated closely with Partner.Co to devise a comprehensive strategy, leveraging cutting-edge streaming technologies and Zoom’s versatile platform to create a dynamic and inclusive event experience.

Strategies Implemented

Advanced Broadcasting Access

Seamlessly integrating live streaming capabilities across platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and custom webpages, facilitated broad access to the event, transcending geographical barriers.

Advanced Broadcasting Access
Multilingual Streaming Support​

Multilingual Streaming Support

Acknowledging linguistic diversity, we streamed the event in over 20 languages simultaneously, making it more inclusive and accessible. This was achieved through interpreters on Zoom and innovative translation tools, enhancing the global reach of the event.

Customizable Video Playback

The team provided tailored video playback options, allowing clients to choose between branded content with graphics or simplified versions to meet diverse needs. This flexibility empowered clients to customize viewing experiences for their audiences.

Results and Success

Collaborative efforts resulted in a remarkable success, exceeding expectations, and setting new benchmarks for virtual event production.

Record-breaking Attendance

With an attendance of 15,000 to 16,000, the event showcased the efficacy of engagement strategies and reach expansion.

Global Reach Expansion

Providing seamless access to global audiences across multiple platforms represents a transformative approach to virtual event management.

As organizations navigate the digital landscape, innovative solutions and unparalleled expertise stand ready to empower clients, marking a new era in event management.

Digital Marketer in
House Training

Our invaluable collaboration with Amare has propelled their digital success. We enhanced Amare’s online strategy and delivered unmatched accuracy in tracking progress. We resolved ad tracking issues on the e-commerce site by creating campaigns across multiple platforms and implementing precise tracking through Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4. This has enabled data-driven decisions for optimal results.

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The Future of Marketing is Here: The Power of Fractional Teams